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writing sweet poems yall

Writing is tiresome. I have a tremendous headache. Insert cliche here.

We Are Champion is publishing some poems by me in the future which might be a while from now.

NYQ finally sent me galleys of the first of my two poems which will be published in NYQ. This has been over a year since their acceptance. Their website says they update their database monthly but they actually update their database twice a year, it seems.

I want to kill people with knives. I actually don’t want to kill anything. There is a wooden fence around my yard and last night while I was trying to fall asleep I kept imagining myself beating the fence down with my bare fists and knuckles. I also imagine myself breaking down all the sheetrock in the house. I also imagined myself driving east as fast as I could with nothing but a few changes of clothes and no computer or internet or printed mapquest directions to guide me there.

The east is a vast and broad place. I think “back east” quite frequently and also say “back east” quite frequently.

Gregory Sherl fucking rocks.

We Are Champion, I think, is a vaguely chinese magazine. I think this because We Are Champion does not seem like proper english to me. We / Champion seems not to match. There should be an article, also, I think.

I have an english degree and I have no idea if my last statement was grammatically accurate. I just misspelled grammatically and misspelled. I misspelled misspelled twice in a row the same way even though I knew it was wrong the 2nd time.

I have a fucking headache.


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