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i have reached the pinnacle of my internet writing fame

I have been published in >Kill Author, the mysterious online magazine edited by editors with no names. I like kill author. The magazine has received a lot of “press” as far as things go on the internet. Everyone asks “Do You know who the editors of Kill Author are?” People have theories. I really don’t know. My guess is that it is someone pretty well known and his friend who has good web design skills.

The problem with this is that I am now not sure where else to get published. You see, I have reached for kill author. It is a good magazine and now that they have published me I feel I need to make a new highest desired journal to seek after.

I suppose it doesn’t matter.

I have “finished” my chapbook and I am sending it to several competitions today.

I also had three poems appear in new wave vomit number 3 — ana c’s new online magazine.

I had a strange dream about a friend of mine in a bar. I wanted to cry. Details to follow at these are my insecurities, maybe.


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