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2009 Year In Review
Guy Fieri Rock and Roll Roadshow.

Working with Richard Garcia, again. No comments regarding this study, yet.

Reading Bucolics and Microserfs as well as excerpts from American Hybrid in desperate search of modern prose-poem writers that arn’t Russel Edson or Mary Koncel.

Feeling okay.

No Ceilings by Jordan Castro.

Slight nervous break down around 23rd birthday regarding alcoholism.


No New Years Resolutions. Want to lose weight, probably won’t.

IOWA for thanksgiving. Carried dead pheasant. Watched Dog fight with Racoon in a field. Dog got cut up, shotgun turned racoon inside out. Blood on my pants / sweatshirt. Cut down trees. Chopped wood.

Full week off work due to illness.

Spoke with Roxane Gay about some of my poetry after sending her a pathetic fan-mail type thing. Feel embarrassed about the situation currently.

1 poem published in Read Some Words. I am bothered that there are two spaces between the paragraphs rather than one, but I never bothered to ask them to reformat it. Maybe the editor(s) will read this and fix it.

Publish first issue of WTF PWM.

4 Poems accepted for publication at NOO. Will appear in January 2010, maybe.

2 Poems accepted at PANK. Appearing in February 2010, maybe.

1 poem published at Redheaded Stepchild.

Watched 2 EVIL DEAD movies on Halloween. Uncharacteristic behavior.

Went home to Jersey. Spent a lot of time on my laptop until 3 or 4 in the morning look at weird shit on the internet. Discovered Still not sure what really is.

Intended on attending a Memorial service for my friend PA Mike who died in august. His son told me the wrong date of the service and I didn’t make it there.

Wrote huge blog post about HOME. Cried on the airplane a lot, especially while watching TERMINATOR SALVATION.

I don’t remember august, at all really.

Did anything happen?

PA Mike dies in car crash on I280 in New Jersey. His wife is okay. His son, 17, and daughter, 11 are fatherless. I get standby tickets on Continental Airlines to attend the funeral, spend all day in a plane and can’t make it home.

Conceive WTF PWM at the airport and build the initial website and database scripts.

4 poems published at Radioactive Moat. Somewhat disappointed with myself.

1 poem published at Cookiebomb.

7 poems appear in $7 Stories in the aftermath of the Brandon Scott Gorrell contest shitstorm.

Attend Everquest 2 fan faire 2009 in Las Vegas. Feel proud to be a nerd.

Enter Brandon Scott Gorrell’s contest + ensuing shitstorm.

Honestly thought I would win.

Officially drop out of Antioch University’s MFA in Creative writing after several months of disappointment with the program. Write a few emails to Ben Doller and mention him on this blog. Ultimately think he read this blog and felt I was too immature to continue communicating with.

Ryan Manning interviews me on THUNK. Unhappy with the interview, wish it would be erased.

Start this blog. Email people and publish their responses. Miranda July, Tao Lin, Brandon Scott Gorrell, Craig Arnold, Dean Young, etc…

Craig Arnold writes back and tells me he is in Japan. He writes a very long response. I feel embarrassed about emailing him in the first place. He is then goes missing and is assumed dead. Feel like I was probably one of the last people on earth he made contact with. Feel this was a significant event in my life.

6 years sober.

First encounter with current internet poets through

First time in Vegas, 3 year anniversary. Break even, kind of.

Start second semester at Antioch University. Disappointed with program. Involved in “translation seminar” which makes me feel very angry.



  1. Janie
    Posted 9 March 2010 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

    Hi Thomas: I just got accepted into Antioch’s MFA creative writing poetry program. I’m not sure I want to attend and read your blog. Can you give me your opinion on it? Thanks!

  2. Thomas Patrick Levy
    Posted 20 May 2010 at 4:36 pm | Permalink

    sorry i never responded janie

    i don’t really know

    i think it is an okay program

    i think MFA’s in general are mostly bullshit

    i wish there was a way to get an MFA without having to deal with bullshit like “lets critique a robert frost poem” or “i don’t like this poem because of the way you utilize line breaks” and etc…

    I feel that you can’t teach writing. i feel there were a lot of really shitty and terrible writers in my workshops at antioch

    i am very arrogant

    i feel that real writers that are writing today and are writing really great fucking poems aren’t learning how to write really great fucking poems at antioch university or any other mfa programs

    i think you should do what your mother says

    she will tell you to do it

    maybe you should flip a coin instead

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