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Went to Iowa, felt like a cornfield

I brought a new journal with me and it was in my pocket the whole time and I didn’t write a word.

Finished reading Lost in Place. Made me want to get high and get in shape.

Reread Don’t Let me Be Lonely. Made me feel unamerican being in Iowa and all. Felt like eating a lot of Prozac to get happy.

Got real sick. Went hunting. Shot a rifle at some cardboard. Racoon got in a fight with the hunting dog. Got dog blood on my pants. They shot some birds. I held the bird for a picture. Got bird blood on my shirt.

I imagined writing a great poem about Life and American and calling it IOWA. Thought about the smart writers at the IOWA’s writer’s circle jerk. Felt lonely.

Wrote this poem just now.


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  1. Posted 13 December 2009 at 8:46 am | Permalink

    just found ‘these are my insecurities’

    i like it

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