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blogging and writing poetry and feeling happy sort-of

I have just received notice that four of my poems from my “questions” (or something like that) series of poems will be published (tentatively I guess) in NOO number 11. I don’t know when that will be. NOO is a pretty cool journal. They actually have 2 little dots over the 2nd O. I think it might be german. I don’t know what that means or stands for. Or how it is supposed to change the pronunciation.

These are good poems. I feel good about this.

I have been toying around with tumblr for a long time now. I feel like tumblr is the perfect medium for online poetry. I have a pretty lame design at the moment, but I am going to begin keeping a tumblog of occassional poetry. Really occasional journals, I guess. I’m not sure. WordPress seems too structured. I will continue to blog here. But I will be writing more abstract things on this tumblr. Here.

I feel pretty excited about this tumblog. I feel like I might be able to gain a substantial tumblarity or something. Hits + tumblarity = self-esteem.


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