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just read eeeeee eee eeeee or however you spell it by tao lin while i was in the woods doing nature things

Miranda July says something like “tao lin writes because he’s bored” (not exact quote, think i probably misunderstand what she’s trying to say) and I guess this is a good reason because it’s quoted on the back of his book.

Never read anything substantial by Tao Lin before this, other than his online collections, on bearparade and etc…

Felt kind of bored and also lonely and pretty sad while reading Eeeee eeeee Eeeeee (or however you spell it).

I don’t think I understood most of his metaphors with cute talking animals, or else the animals are not meant to be metaphors.

It seemed like, perhaps, the most authentic book I have ever read because it illustrated exactly the way I think we feel when we’re just out of college working very terrible jobs because we’re depressed and lazy and want to fuck.

Most of the book was read inside a motor home, but some of it I read outside on a picnic table watching people watercraft in the lake below the overlook the motorhome was parked on. I went outside to be inspired by nature and write great poems and things but felt very bored and alone and distracted by my dog and squirrels and all the dirt around me and chipmonks and people watercrafting on the lake below the overlook the motorhome was parked on.

I read Eeeee eeee Eeeeeee for a little while there.

Pretty sure I will read more books by Tao Lin.

Kind of want to go shoplift shoplifting from american apparrel when it is released. Not sure when that happens. Might go see tao lin read at Vromann’s in pasadena on sept 24 (i think). Kind of want to create big cardboard quotation marks and hold them up during the reading so that everyone knows what he really means while he’s reading (because they won’t be able to see his quotation marks). (that is my girlfriends idea and i think it’s funny.)


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