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crazy james franco film on McSweeny’s wholphin

Got the new issue of McSweeny’s quarterly dvd magazine Wholphin and it has this crazy ass video with James Franco beating the fuck out of a room for about 35mins.

Watched the whole thing and it made me kind of nervous about myself. In the process of fixing my bathroom door and shower wall because I beat the shit out of it one day when I was pissed about something.

Didn’t quite go as nuts as Franco does. I wasn’t on camera either. And I didn’t get paid for it. Also, the dvd has two other people who beat the fuck out of shit in a room, for about maybe 5 minutes each. Some chick and some dude. The dude didn’t really beat the shit up too good. He yelled a lot and cried and broke a table with a hammer.

The girl screamed a lot and made me feel self conscious.

Also, my girlfriend reminded me of other moments when I beat the shit out of some stuff. The sheets on our bed — which I tore off the mattress and ripped in half. Tried to break a pretty solid cutting board one day while washing the dishes, punched my old car at a doctors office when I had hives 2 years ago. etc etc.

I’m kind of an angry dude even though I used to be a pot head and thought that I didn’t get mad at anything.

I was remembering this time in boarding school when I jogged through dinner. I ran for something like an hour and a half maybe, because this old dude named tex told me it would be good for my head. Thinking I should start running more so I don’t turn into James Franco.


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  1. Posted 13 July 2009 at 6:30 pm | Permalink

    HA! I think Tex has a good point…..Keep runnin!

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