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crazy new internet literature magazine called radioactive moat

seems pretty cool. there website front page alludes to 1995 when email chain messages were at the peak of their sweetness. I remember getting emails from all the chicks I had crushes on, in 4th grade, when all the chicks first started to get boobs and I first started to be into them. Felt real cool when they sent me their email chain messages. Thing was, they sent them to all the kids in the class that had rich parents with email addresses. And then I’d send those same messages back to everyone else. I always wished for the same thing as I scrolled to the bottom of the page.

the electromagnetic elevator’s broken so you’ll have to pretend that it’s not

pretend that you’re going down

keep going

you’re almost there and your face is hardly blue

almost . . .

The site also has some crazy bright green text and images. Like this one here which I stole from them. I spoke with their editor, Paul Cunningham–who blogs here and does other things too probably.

Paul emailed me — and maybe he emailed you too.

Seems ambitious, I’m kind of excited about it. He wouldn’t discuss any one else who may have submitted their work.


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