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some poems have appeared on a new website called sevendollarstories

which has come into existence as a result of brandon scott gorrell’s short story competition that took place a few weeks ago.

there was a lot of shit that happened during / before / after this competition. i was a part of all this.

i entered the contest as maybe the 5th or 6th contestant.

honestly felt bad for brandon because i thought no one would enter and a few days earlier he had sent me a gmail chat invitation because he just wanted to say hello after i had emailed him several times as a part of my–now defunct–project (my emails can be found somewhere on this blog–i think).

he said “thanks for interacting with me” — kind of a strange thing to say.

i also felt that i could probably win this contest because i fucking rock at writing and my poems–stories–whatever–are better, in my opinion, than the lame “internet fiction” that I thought people would submit.

i was pretty certain that i wouldn’t win and that tao lin probably would win. i had a momentary fantasy of putting a personal challenge / side wager against tao lin and then winning and becoming tremendously famous.

now, michael inscoe and megan boyle (not sure who michael inscoe really is, but im pretty sure megan boyle is new muumuu house champion writer or whatever) have started a website to console all of us butthurt contest losers by publishing our stories and my poems are now on this site at

i feel like i sort of paid $7 to publish 7 poems on the internet.

like those anthologies that publish anyone who buys it.

kind of lame but the site is brown and yellow, which is always pretty bitchin.



  1. Posted 22 June 2009 at 11:36 pm | Permalink

    this picture… is that you?

    Either or. It is fucking hilarious. And kinda scary. The look on that shadows face is…. kreuger-ish.

  2. Thomas Patrick Levy
    Posted 23 June 2009 at 8:41 am | Permalink

    i stole that pic from html giant cause i thought it was funny

    i dont know where they got it from

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