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there’s a new journal called the mixtape journal

I just read about it. This is their website.

It seems a little bit confusing but also kind of cool. Like there used to be a journal that sent you a box of stuff for every issue. The box could contain anything they felt like putting in it. Kind of cool.

Or like that trendy NY magazine Esopus. Which has all kinds of cool stuff from interior design pictures to magazine cover art segments to a CD inserted into the back of the mag.

Not sure if Mixtape Journal will be as high class as these things.


Their first–and only–post on their website says

We are seeking 13 pieces of writing based on or inspired by songs that would be put on a mixtape. The goal is to convey the mood of the theme through each song/writing while building the perfect mixtape.

Please use actual songs that we would know (anything from the Beatles and Queen to Lil’ Wayne and Nick Drake).

Could be bitchin, but, if I received a literature journal (technically what this is) with a Lil’Wayne song on it I’d be kind of disappointed. It would be kind of like going to the bookstore and checking out the new release shelf and seeing a book with a thug and 50 Cent’s name on the cover. (Lil’Wayne is a rapper right?)

I’ll prolly submit, seems pretty cool.


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