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are people concerned that i am crazy or have lost my mind or am about to become someone who is clinically insane or depressed?

I have been contacted by someone who is possibly (for the sake of anonymity, sort of) a member of the antioch community and may or may not be an editor of the online lit journal poemeleon (which is generally pretty good in my minimal experience with the journal).

This person said that, judging by the content of this blog, I am obviously crazy.

This person also said that I will regret quitting antioch.

I’m not so concerned with this persons statements regarding antioch, I am worried though, that I might be going / have gone completely nuts.

My friend — who has shared with me that she is also crazy — told me I’m no crazier than she is.

What is sanity though? This is probably cliche as of recently. “No one is really normal.” etc…

however, I’m curious. Do you think I am more crazy than you are, reader? Why am I more crazy than you are? What have I done to make me crazy?

My girlfriend, I dont think, is crazy. Though, one might consider her crazy because she continues to live with me. So she is either crazy or very strong-willed, saintly, etc…

My mother is crazy. She once threw a lazy-boy easy chair at my father. My father is crazy because he married my mother.

My brother isn’t crazy. My friend Jessica Dutschman is crazy. (See the sweet picture currently the first post on her tumblr). Craig Arnold is crazy, given the way in which he probably died. I’ve spoken with Dean Young and read a good deal of his poems, he’s probably crazy. Vivian Eliot (TS Eliot’s wife) wasn’t crazy, but eliot put her in an asylum because she wouldnt fuck him enough or something.

There are lots of other crazy people out there. There’s lots of sane people too. Maybe I’ll make a couple of lists.


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  1. dani
    Posted 19 May 2009 at 3:11 pm | Permalink

    i know youre crazy. why? because you obsessively keep glass perrier/lemonade/martinelli’s bottles to use as water bottles.

    and because you run into the wall when you walk down the hallway.

    that’s mostly it.

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