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fonts are goddamn awesome

notice, new font on top of page, trebuchet ms, oh yeah.


Trebuchet MS distinguishes itself from other common sans-serif typefaces through several characteristics, the most notable of which include:

  • The splayed edges of the uppercase M which form a 10° angle with a vertical line,
  • The shape of the tail of the uppercase Q,
  • The bar of the capital A is low,
  • The shortened tails of the lowercase e and the numerals 6 and 9,
  • The hybrid open and looped tail of the lowercase g,
  • The rounded dots above and the shapes of the lowercase i and j,
  • The curved tail beneath the lowercase l,
  • The dollar sign symbol, in which the vertical strike only appears above the top and below the bottom curves of the S,
  • The ampersand in the form of an “Et” ligature and
  • The exclamation point, whose dot is large and round.
  • Italic fonts incorporate italic type characteristics instead of just tilting roman glyphs, making it the first sans serif font family from Microsoft to use true italic features.

fuck dude.

fonts are sweet.


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