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i still kind of want to know what miranda july thinks even though i already quit the mfa

So I wrote her again.

Miranda July,

I wrote to you several weeks ago. This is what I said:

Miranda July,

I want to quit the mfa program because it is full of progressive shit heads

what do you think?

I want to know because I think your book with the orange cover was great

it made me cry sort of — i think about prince edward eating pussy every now and then, it’s sort of strange

also, i want to know what you think because tao lin told me he didnt know so I don’t know who else to ask

thanks Miranda July, I appreciate it

I know you are probably very busy writing sad books with ironic orange / blue / green / pink covers. And I know you also might be doing like, i dont know, performance art or something. BUT i thought maybe you might be able to tell me how you feel about MFA programs.

I wrote to tao lin and he didn’t know and i wrote to brandon scott gorrell and he didnt know and i wrote to you and you didnt reply (maybe you dont know) and i wrote to craig arnold and he wrote back to me a lot of stuff and then i was afraid to write back to him and he got lost in japan somewhere and i wrote to dean young and he told me that poetry wont fix my fucked up life which is kind of cool that he took the time to do that because hes REALLY busy being the william livingston chair of poetry at the university of texas in austin.

so yeah.

thanks miranda july, i appreciate it.


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