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i feel pretty awesome about this blog today

i really do

suddenly this blog looks really nice

i also changed the title to something a little more “concrete” than the former “period”

i dont know why i called it period. I think it was because a long time ago when i started this blog I had intended to “embed” it into another website I was working on — in order to do this i had to find a way to “eliminate” my title, so i made it a simple ‘period’ (literally a ‘.’)

when i abandoned that project i decided a ‘.’ would be too much like  everyone else’s blogs

(Tao Lin uses a “*” brandon gorrell uses a ” ‘ ” (that’s really tough to put in quotes) ellen kennedy uses a “-“, ryan manning uses a “=”, etc etc)

thus “period” was born.

however, i dont want to be “period” anymore. this is a blog, welcome to it.


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