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The futurists, bomb, lydia davis, blast, thurstan moore and other things

On a website about Lydia Davis there is a link to Bomb, a magazine about art and literature and music and film and other things.

According to information on the Bomb website, Bomb takes its name from the 1917 journal, Blast.

Blast was an Ezra Pound thing — and theres an essay in Blast about the Futurists.

The Futurists were Italians and then Russians — Vladimir Mayakovsky the most famous of them.

I’m not sure. On the Bomb website there is an Interview that Thurstan Moore did with Patti Smith. Jack Kerouac appears. They go to Lowell. Thurstan covers Grateful Dead songs with her.

I feel like this all means something. Almost as if I belong here–in this “lineage”

What the fuck is going on.


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