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the internet says that craig arnold is lost in japan

According to this blog and this blog

I wrote an email to Craig Arnold several weeks ago and he wrote back to me on the 22nd

he said:

Okay, I suck. I’m really really sorry not to have answered this sooner. My excuse: I’m on a very small island off the southern tip of Japan that has no cellphone service and, shall we say, sporadic internet access, when they go out back and hand-crank the generator.

As well as many other things. He wrote what seemed like a 2 page email which is a lot since my email to him was pretty sarcastic and immature.

Now, however, he is missing in japan in a volcano or jungle or something.

I feel sad about this and I never wrote back to him and I wish I would have so I just wrote back to him again now and thanked him for writing back to me.


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