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i just read ellen kennedy’s new book sometimes my heart pushes my ribs

And I am not sure about the state of american poetry.

We always talk about the state of poetry in relation to its society — at least we did academically. Who knows if “we” really ever talk about that.

What is the function of poetry in society.

What is the function of poetry in relation to the individual, to the poet…

I don’t know.

I think i am awfully self-conscious about just about everything and ellen kennedy’s book Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs is anything but self-conscious. Most writing feels tense and planned and worked and edited. Most things are like mashed potatoes–is what I mean to say–you work them and work them and work them hoping to get them to the perfect creaminess, but at a certain point they are pushed too far and turn to glue.

Ellen kennedy’s book is not glue. It is perhaps a little under-whipped, to go with the mashed potato metaphor.

It is immediate and real. Which, perhaps, is the only thing one should consider when considering a poem.

Someday I hope that I can write a real poem.

You can buy sometimes my heart pushes my ribs here and see her blog here


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