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Brandon Scott Gorrell is the author of an e-book about lydia davis so I emailed him

Just now I emailed Brandon Scott Gorrell, the author of a Bear Parade’s newest e-book, Nervous Assface. Nervous Assface is about Lydia Davis who is the author of a lot of other real books that are available all over the place, one of them is called Samuel Johnson is Indignant which isn’t really about Samuel Johnson, but is instead about lots of other people and things and the story about Samuel Johnson is only about a sentence long.

On another note, Lydia Davis has 3 (yes, three!) stories published in the inaugural issue of Pear Noir! — and for those of you who don’t know I have 1 (yes, one!) poem published in this same issue. Pretty impressive, I know.

So I emailed Brandon Scott Gorrell, and asked him if I should rage quit the mfa.

I said:

Hi, Brandon Scott Gorrell

Like the subject says, I want to rage quit the mfa program and I was hoping you might tell me what you thought about this decision of mine.

I think you might have the answer because you seem to be friends with Tao Lin and I thought Tao Lin might know the answer, but when I asked Tao Lin, Tao Lin told me that he didn’t know the answer so I figured I’d try you. Also I thought you might know because I read your funny book about Lydia Davis on Bear Parade and I got published in Pear Noir! with lydia davis and with tao lin and I feel like this makes us all sort of buddies in a kind of way.

I’ll demonstrate my thinking in a quick text-flow-diagram-chart:

Pear Noir! = Lydia Davis + Tao Lin + Thomas Patrick Levy + some other people [this is how I am connected to Lydia Davis]

Bear Parade = (Brandon Scott Gorrell + e-book about Lydia Davis) + Tao Lin + some other people [this is how you are connected to Lydia Davis, although you may also be connected to her in other ways, I don’t know for sure]

Therefore, You, Lydia Davis, Tao Lin and I are all connected to each other, kind of.

Anyways, I was really hoping you could tell me if I should quit the MFA or not, i’d really appreciate it.

Thanks Brandon Scott Gorrell, I really appreciate it.


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