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tao lin part 2

In tao lin’s response to my first email to him (which asked whether or not i should rage quit the mfa) he said that he would have to “be me” in order to answer that, and since he wasn’t me he couldn’t.

So I wrote back!

In my 2nd letter to Tao lin i asked him if, hypothetically, he were me, would he quit the mfa program

his response, terse and honest: “I don’t know bro.”

I think this means that tao lin and i are now friends. perhaps. although i call the people i work with who i sort of like but arn’t really my friends but i don’t really hate either “bro.” so maybe tao lin sort of likes me but not really but also doesnt hate me. that’s okay.

i still don’t know if i should quit the mfa.


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