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miranda july’s cute author photo

she does have a cute author’s photo — i’d ask you to look at it but i can’t remember exactly what it looks like — my copy of her book with the orange cover is either lost in my car somewhere from when i drove from new jersey to LA–or it’s on my book shelf — or on the back of my toilet — or lost somewhere in my dirty apartment. I dont know

i tried to find the picture and i think i failed–but, i found what i think looks like the picture, or at least its close, but its cute, none the less

It looks something like this:

Except that it’s actually black and white, and looks more like this:

and FINALLY, it’s cropped, so you can only really see her face, like this:july_crop

I’m not obsessed with miranda july, i swear.

I just want her to tell me if i should quit the mfa…


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  1. Posted 23 August 2009 at 6:06 am | Permalink

    I love miranda july, thanks for bringing her

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