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i asked miranda july about quitting the mfa

Tao Lin doesn’t have the answer so I’m asked miranda july — i read one of her books once and it was just as sad as everything i’ve ever read by tao lin and i think she’s got a cute author’s photo on the back cover and tao lin got a blurb on one of his books written by her.

also she has a cute author’s photo on the back cover of that book (the one with the orange cover cause she’s punk rock like that)

Here’s my letter to Miranda July:

Miranda July,

I want to quit the mfa program because it is full of progressive shit heads

what do you think?

I want to know because I think your book with the orange cover was great

it made me cry sort of — i think about prince edward eating pussy every now and then, it’s sort of strange

also, i want to know what you think because tao lin told me he didnt know so I don’t know who else to ask

thanks Miranda July, I appreciate it


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